Press Clipping

Diggers Factory CEO Alexis Castiel was next to pitch, talking about the vinyl revival in the music industry. It’s trying to solve the problems of forecasting vinyl demand; the high production costs; the fragmented market; and the lack of a distribution solution for smaller artists and labels making less than 300 records at once.

“Diggers Factory is an on-demand platform for vinyl records that allows artists and labels to produce their vinyls without any money, or any risk,” said Castiel. They create a project, share it with their community, and then fans can pre-order the records – with Diggers Factory then handling the production and shipping, with partners.

Campaigns can be run with as little as 50 pre-orders. “Diggers Factory isn’t here to destroy the current distribution network. On the contrary, we are willing to work with the current distribution players,” he added. It already has customers in 41 countries and artists of 15 nationalities. In its first year, it has produced 30 projects, including a Bob Sinclar record that sold 300 copies, and a Japanese artist’s red-vinyl release that sold 62 copies.

Diggers Factory is also trying to revive “beautiful archives”, having already worked on re-releases for Ray Charles and Serge Gainsbourg. “We are a community of vinyl lovers that want to rethink the vinyl industry, and optimise the vinyl distribution network,” said Castiel.

“Diggers Factory was created as a social network: you can follow your friends and artists, and you get a notification for example when your friend buys a project. The goal is not to buy once and then never come back. The idea is to tell people ‘come back every week and see what’s the new projects’… We are a platform for every kind of people who like vinyl!”